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6 Things You Should Know About Your Heating and Cooling System

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Tip #1: Did you know that a lot of heating and cooling issues occur because your filter is too dirty? What happens is that the dirty filter starts to restrict airflow resulting in a tripped sensor or even worse, harming the system. Make sure you are keeping up with changing or replacing your filters and save spending money on a service call!!

Tip # 2: Are you the customer that turns your thermostat off when you’re not home and put it back on when you arrive home? In most cases, this will actually cost you more money!! When you turn your system “off” for too long then back “on” it has to play catch up resulting in a much longer run time.

Tip # 3: Why get your heater tuned up every year? There are so many components to heaters that it is super important to make sure they are clean and operating properly. Just because you have heat, doesn’t mean it is operating at its peak performance or operating properly. Don’t take a chance with your Heat! Let us replace your air filter, clean blower cabinet, flame sensor, and check amp draws, motor and components are good to go so there is less of a chance of failure. Did I mention this will increase the life expectancy as well!!

Tip#3: Why get a Preventative Maintenance on your A/C System? After sitting all winter turned off, your outside coil starts to collect dust. It is important to get your indoor and outdoor coils cleaned to relieve stress on the system. Let us check your Refrigerant levels, replace air filter, check amp draws, inspect components, clean contacts, tighten wiring connections and lubricate your motor for better life expectancy.

Tip#4: Not sure if you should replace your existing system? We have applications that break down approximate savings so you know what to expect from a new system to help guide you in the right direction.

Tip# 5: Have you ever had someone come out to your house and fix something, not explain to you what they did, then hand you a crazy bill and expect you will be okay with it? At Professor Gatsby’s our technicians are trained to walk you through step by step so you understand exactly what is going on. We always gain permission from our customers and honor our price before replacing a part. We will show you the failed component so you know it is actually faulty!!

Tip#6: Invest in a cover to put over your a/c, but also make sure the cover is installed properly. A lot of customers cover the system improperly resulting in trapped moisture inside the outdoor unit! This could potentially rust out your unit sooner and hurt the life expectancy of your system. Leave it to one of our technicians to do it for you!



Barbara Brown
Barbara Brown
20:04 11 Jun 17
Their techs were clean and punctual. AC unit wasn't working. Called them on a hot, sunny Sunday and they took care of everything same day. Very knowledgeable. Explained each step and what needed to be repaired. Reasonably priced too! Would HIGHLY recommend this company!
Alyssa Ciarrocchi
Alyssa Ciarrocchi
02:49 13 Jun 17
Called on an extremely hot evening with little to no hope of having anyone come out. Matt said he would be out within the hour and he arrived within thirty minutes. He assessed the problem and then explained it to myself and my room mate. He set off to work and it was dark outside. He continuously kept us updated on the progress and was extremely knowledgeable in helping us understand what went wrong. Matt was amazing and will be recommended to anyone and everyone for his prompt service, his expertise and his saving the day. I am switching over to Professor Gatsby now for all hearing and air conditioning needs! Thank you for your help!
BJ Collings
BJ Collings
01:37 16 Jun 17
Very professional and clean! Matt and his crew did a wonderful job. They replaced our entire HVAC system, added a second return duct and installed a new water heater. Now our system is now well balanced on all floors and with the recent hot weather it really showed. After a few days Matt followed up with us just to see how everything was working and if I had any concerns. I said I couldn't be happier with everything overall. I would definitely recommend Professor Gatsby's.
Rich F
Rich F
02:53 01 May 17
So Matt came out at 9pm on Sunday night to check my AC. He diagnosed and fixed the issue in an hour and charged me an extremely reasonable fee. I'm extremely happy we found this company because if I ever have another issue I don't have to be nervous about who might come out. I'd pay what he charged me just for the peace of mind. Extremely knowledgeable and trustworthy
Marty Long
Marty Long
16:02 14 Jan 17
Saturday morning ... snow expected in the afternoon ... and ... of course ... our heater goes out. We are fortunate enough to know the owner of Professor Gatsby's Heating and Cooling and he was our first call. I can not rave enough about not only the quality of the service ... but the ethics that drive the company are unsurpassed ... especially in their industry. I would not, and do not, hesitate to recommend Professor Gatsby's for all of your heating and cooling needs. Reputable, reasonable, responsible, caring and ethical. What else could you possible ask for in a heating and cooling contractor? Thanks, Matt ... and continued success to you and your company!!!
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