We’re not the biggest Heating, Cooling, & Plumbing company in the area... but we’re scrappy!

You could say Professor Gatsby’s is the underdog.

We’ve grown nicely in the shadows of some pretty darned BIG competitors. We’re a TOP 5 brand, but we may never be as large as some of the corporate behemoths we compete with.

We really don’t want to be that big.

When you get too big, customer service usually suffers – and that’s what we’re most proud of.

We know you have a choice.

You don’t have to call us…but we sure wish you would.

If you do, you’ll speak with our expert staff and meet our skilled technicians. We think you’ll have a 5-STAR experience, because they’re the best in the business (or we don’t hire them).

We know our customers by name and treat them just like family.

It’s a HUGE reason for our success.

Other companies brag about equipment and parts. The truth is – anyone can get the same parts.

The Professor’s difference is how comfortable you’ll feel before, during and after we help you.

You’ll understand everything we do, BEFORE we do it.

Best of all, our work is always 100% guaranteed.

We work hard and try even harder.

We don’t quit until your job’s done.

Yes, we’re the scrappy underdog.

That’s worth signing our names to.

Joe and Matt

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