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A leaking faucet can quickly become a homeowner’s headache. Swift action is essential to prevent costly repairs. Professor Gatsby’s Plumbing is your trusted partner for superior sink installation and repair services in South Jersey and Mercer. We proudly serve the South Jersey and Mercer County community, including the Williamstown area. Whether you need a new sink installed in your bathroom or kitchen, our team of skilled plumbers is here to assist. Contact us at 856-885-2231 to schedule an appointment and ensure your sink is functioning flawlessly.


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Comprehensive Sink Services for South Jersey & Mercer Homes

At Professor Gatsby’s Plumbing, we understand the significance of a properly functioning sink. Our expert team offers a range of high-quality sink services to homeowners in South Jersey and Mercer. From sink installation and repair to replacement and maintenance, we have the expertise to handle all your sink-related needs. With same-day service and efficient installations, you can rely on us to keep your sink in excellent condition throughout the year.

Our Sink Services Include:

  • Sink Installation
  • Sink Repair
  • Sink Replacement
  • Sink Maintenance

Signs It's Time to Replace Your Sink

Recognizing the signs of a broken sink can save you from unnecessary stress. Here are four signs indicating it’s time for a new sink:

Physical Damage

Visible cracks and damage signal the need for sink installation or repair. Ignoring hairline cracks can lead to water damage and more extensive issues over time.


Rust not only harms your sink but also poses health risks. Rust can mix with water, making it unsafe for daily use. Additionally, excessive rust can compromise your plumbing system.

Decreased Water Volume

If your sink’s water volume is consistently lower than normal, deteriorating pipes could be the cause. Seek professional assistance to prevent further damage.

Persistent Backups

Frequent sink backups could indicate a deeper problem within the plumbing system. Professional sink installation and pipe inspection may be necessary to resolve this issue.

Choosing the Right Kitchen Sink

Selecting the perfect kitchen sink is crucial for functionality and aesthetics. Here are six common kitchen sink types and their benefits:

  • Single-Bowl Sinks: Ideal for meal prep and easy cleanup with a modern look.
  • Double-Bowl Sinks: Separate areas for dishwashing and food prep for added convenience.
  • Low-Divide Kitchen Sinks: Allows washing larger dishes with separate basins for rinsing.
  • Overmount Sinks: Easy to install with extra support, accommodating large dishes.
  • Undermount Kitchen Sinks: Seamless integration for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Farmhouse Sinks: Perfect for larger families, pots, and pans, providing ample space.

Professional Sink Repair and Installation in South Jersey and in Mercer

Trust Professor Gatsby’s Plumbing for dependable sink repair and installation services in South Jersey and Mercer County. Contact us at 856-885-2231 to schedule an appointment. We serve South Jersey and Mercer County, including the Williamstown area, and offer plumbing solutions for various needs. Our licensed plumbers are ready to assist with your sink repair, water heater installation, sump pump needs, and more. Prompt service and customer satisfaction are our priorities at Professor Gatsby’s Plumbing.

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If you need assistance installing a new sink in your bathroom or kitchen, give our team a call at 856-885-2231 to book an appointment.