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Is your water bill mysteriously climbing? Don’t let hidden leaks drain your wallet! At Professor Gatsby’s Plumbing, we specialize in top-notch water leak repair services for homeowners in South Jersey and Mercer County. Our dedicated team serves the South Jersey and Mercer community, including the Williamstown area. If you’re dealing with a water leak issue, give us a call at 856-885-2231 for swift assistance.

Our experienced plumbers are equipped to identify and resolve a variety of leaks caused by different sources and appliances within your home.


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Identifying and Addressing 8 Common Water Leaks

Promptly addressing common water leaks in your home is essential to prevent future problems. Here are eight types of leaks that should be tackled right away:

Toilet Leaks

Running toilets may not appear problematic, but they waste a substantial amount of water and lead to higher bills. The continuous flow of water into the sewer system can be costly. Listen for running water after flushing to detect this type of leak.

Faucet Leaks

Dripping faucets are a common cause of water waste. Even small drips from numerous faucets can add up over time. Listen for drips and check for water residue in the basin to identify faucet leaks.

Supply Line Leaks

Supply line leaks are concealed within plumbing, often leading to water damage on ceilings and walls. These hidden leaks become noticeable when water seeps through drywall. Detecting and addressing supply line leaks can be challenging, but our skilled plumbers have the expertise to tackle them.

Tub Leaks

Tub leaks can be sneaky, causing water damage in lower rooms or areas below the bathroom. Cracks or holes in the tub or shower floor may be responsible for these leaks. If leakage stops shortly after using the tub, the fixture itself may be the cause.

Appliance Seal Leaks

Unexpected puddles near appliances like dishwashers or washing machines can indicate appliance seal leaks. Faulty seals or internal malfunctions could be the culprit. Some cases may require specialized technician attention or manufacturer involvement.

Pipe Joint Leaks

Pipe joint leaks often occur at connections between pipes due to corrosion, wear and tear, or improper installation. These leaks can lead to water damage, mold growth, and increased utility bills if not addressed promptly.

Water Heater Leaks

Water heater leaks are common, especially in traditional tank-style heaters. These leaks may signal holes in the tank after years of service. Tankless water heaters are a more durable alternative.

Washing Machine Leaks

Overflowing washing machines can cause water damage, impact water bills, and damage clothing. Leaks may result from a tilted overflow tube or clogs within the machine.

Efficient Water Leak Repair for South Jersey & Mercer Homes

Count on Professor Gatsby’s Plumbing for reliable water leak repair services in South Jersey and Mercer County. Contact us at 856-885-2231 to schedule an appointment. We proudly serve South Jersey, Mercer County, and including the Williamstown area, and provide plumbing solutions to keep your home safe and dry. Our team ensures your plumbing needs are met with professionalism and expertise.

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