Heat Pump Maintenance / Tune-Up

We are a firm believer in Preventative Maintenance. History has proven that properly maintaining equipment will lead to lower operating costs, in both the short term and long term. The added bonus to being in our PM program is that you will qualify for 15% off parts! It’s a win-win!

Need a heat pump repair service? Professor Gatsby’s is an experienced technicians to diagnose issues with your heat pump to keep your home comfortable. Contact us today!

With so many different heating and cooling features in modern homes these days, it is imperative to have all your HVAC equipment tested and maintained on a regular basis. Whether it is air conditioner repairsheating repairs or general HVAC repairs, Professor Gatsby’s Heating & Cooling has you covered. Be sure to visit our HVAC maintenance tips page.

$49 Gas Furnace or A/C Tune-up
No Breakdown Guarantee. Tune-Up Cost will be applied to the cost of repair if your system breaks down after our tune-up during the season for any reason!

Expires 06/30/2023

(cannot be combined with other offers)

Professor Gatsby’s Smart Plans For Preventative Maintenance

Gas Heating Smart Plan

AC or Heat Pump Smart Plan

All Smart Customers

This is not a guarantee that this system will not break down during term agreed but only to help prevent future issues from occurring.

Why choose us to be your Heating Repair Company

Speedy Service

When your heating or air conditioning system malfunctions, you want things fixed as quickly as possible, right? As a result, the Professor’s fleet visits homes and families throughout Southern New Jersey. The tools and components in our vehicles ensure our clients a quick fix of the HVAC at the initial service visit.

We Earn Your Trust

Yes, we are quick, but our pros are keen on details. They’ll go through everything with you to ensure you comprehend the issue. Customers tell us that they have never been treated more professionally and sensibly by a company. Only Professor Gatsby’s Heating and Cooling will give you that feeling of assurance and care. You can trust our heating and cooling contractors!

We Are The Experts in Comfort Repair

Our HVAC services are straightforward. If it’s broken, we can fix it. If it’s working, we can maintain it. If it’s obsolete, we can replace it. And as for our work, we guarantee it.

5 STARS – 1 Reason

Although there may be many options, how we handle our customers sets us apart from the competition. We place a high value on the satisfaction of our clients, as seen by our 5-STAR RATINGS. For every HVAC service we provide, we only employ the best and most experienced professionals, delighting our clients.