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Reme Halo Air Purification System

The REME HALO-LED™ is the industry’s first LED in-duct, whole home and building air purification system that is both mercury free and zero ozone compliant. The HALO-LED™ proactively treats every cubic inch of air conditioned space, reducing airborne and surface contaminants and pollutants through bi-polar ionization and revolutionary, patent pending, REME-LED™ technology.

When it comes to air purification systems for your home, we’ve seen them all. That’s why we chose to install the industry’s leading air purification system. If you think about it, your home is one of the only environments where you can control the quality of air your family breathe’s. Help keep the air quality healthy with air purification systems in your home

Call the experts at Professor Gatsby’s for a free estimate in Reme Halo Air Purification System! Air Purification systems aren’t always created equally, these systems work best with MERV filtration systems and they need to be installed in specific places in your duct work to work properly. You’ll want to chose an HVAC Contractor that specializes in Indoor Air Quality and has experience installing and maintaining these to ensure proper operation and warranty!


REME Halo LED Product & Installation

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REME Halo Installation


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$500 Off REME Halo Installation   Expires 06/30/2023 (cannot be combined with other offers)

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