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Best Cooling Systems for Your Home

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Whether you are planning an upgrade or installing a new system, a thorough assessment of your cooling needs will help you arrive at the right decision. Your final decision should also be anchored on important factors such as the cost of installation, maintenance requirements, and durability of the unit. Budget is another critical factor to consider. Typically, the total cost of the cooling system will affect the decision of most homeowners. Don’t worry if you are one of them since you can still have a properly cooled indoors without draining your pockets. Please read on to find out.

Selecting the Best Cooling Systems

As a property owner, your ultimate goal is to have a properly cooled interior 24/7. You can always achieve your desired indoor comfort by selecting the best cooling systems in the market today. There are a lot of cooling systems that are excellent for home use. However, not all of them can satisfy your home’s distinct cooling requirements. Some cooling systems may not offer specific features or lack the capability to cool your entire home. There are systems that are too expensive to install so you must choose one that would fit your budget and needs. Durability is another factor that you must consider when buying a new cooling system for your home. You must only choose those brands that are trusted by countless satisfied customers.

Here are some of the best cooling systems for your home:

Central Air Conditioning

This type of cooling system is still popular among homeowners and commercial property owners in NJ. Most central air conditioning systems in older homes are costly to operate and maintain. But with proper maintenance and system upgrades, central air conditioning can become the best cooling systems for your home. Newer models are more energy efficient and packed with innovative features. To enjoy summer without worrying about expensive bills, you must choose a central air unit with at least 13 or higher SEER rating and models with at least a 12 energy efficiency ratio (EER). These are highly efficient cooling systems which are also used in commercial and industrial applications. Lastly, choose brands that are Energy Star certified. Please take note that this kind of cooling system requires professional installers. If you need one, just call us at Professor Gatsby’s Heating & Cooling Services.

Evaporative Coolers

Do you want to save as much as 75% on your energy bills during the summer season? Yes, this is possible with evaporative coolers or swamp coolers. This cooling system is a great alternative to your traditional air conditioning systems. It is also a greener choice since it uses much less energy and does not use ozone-depleting refrigerants. Another great thing about this system is its ability to cool large areas. Make sure you buy the right size for your home to achieve a more comfortable indoors. If you have a 1500 sq. ft. house with 8-foot-high ceiling, you should buy a swamp cooler with 6,000 cfm capacity. Professional HVAC installers like us can help you choose the right evaporative cooler for your home.

Ductless Mini Split Systems

Many property owners shun central air conditioning because of its complex design and ductwork. The ductwork, for example, requires careful planning and expert installation to avoid leaks and energy loss during operation. You will also need professionals who can work on repairs and maintenance tasks. If these are your worries, you must choose another option that can also provide efficient cooling but at a lower cost. The ductless mini split system is becoming a popular option today because of the many benefits that it offers. For one, it is easy to install since there’s no need to install a ductwork system. The mini split will help clean indoor air because of its ductless design. You don’t have to worry about your allergy and other respiratory conditions. Data from the Energy Department revealed that a ductless mini split system will help you save up to $875 a year.

Room Air Conditioners

Do you need an air conditioning system for your new room or garage? Are you looking for an affordable system that can provide efficient cooling? Buy a room air conditioner. This type of cooling system is best used for single room or smaller area. It is easy and cheaper to install since you don’t have to build a new ductwork in your home. Room air conditioning units are economical compared to central forced-air systems. Newer models are also energy-efficient and contain revolutionary features that homeowners will love and enjoy.

Innovative Cooling Systems

There are also innovative cooling systems that you can install in your home. Some of these are still new in the market so you must do some research to understand the features and functions of these cooling systems. You may consider the solar type, the motion-activated, or the ice-powered cooling system. Each type has its own characteristics so it is important to choose the most appropriate air conditioner for your home. Most of these products are designed to cut energy cost, improve usability and function, and lower their impact on the environment.

Consider these options when you upgrade or install a new cooling system in your home. Just make sure you hire expert people to help you in various stages of the project. Among the many HVAC companies in New Jersey that you can trust is Professor Gatsby’s Heating & Cooling. We can install all kinds of cooling systems in residential and commercial properties in the region at affordable rates. You are guaranteed of a superior service since we are well-experienced and accredited installers of leading A/C brands. As our valued customer, we will make sure you’ll get the best cooling systems for your home. Dial (856) 885-2231 today for your inquiries and other HVAC repair concerns.

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