Energy Audits for South Jersey Homes

Home Energy Audits in Williamstown, Voorhees, Swedesboro, Cherry Hill, Marlton, Sewell, Haddonfield & More

Is your home drafty in the winter? Are some rooms unbearably hot in the summer? Are your utility bills higher than they should be and your system can’t keep up? If so, you could benefit from an energy audit performed by Professor Gatsby’s. We’ll identify the reasons behind these problems and provide energy-saving, comfort-boosting solutions.

These energy audits are performed to work with your utility and the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® program. We have to verify that your home can meet the Energy savings standards of NJ’s Clean Energy Program. If your home qualifies, you could be eligible for up to $5,000 in rebates and 0% financing on your project.

Why Choose Professor Gatsby’s Heating & Cooling for Energy Audits in South Jersey?

Professor Gatsby’s was started because we believe people deserve a local company that is able to offer the highest quality service & equipment in the industry but at a much better value all while being upfront with our pricing.

To be able to perform Energy Audits for the NJ Clean Energy program, we need to be a BPI Goldstar contractor, be fully licensed, bonded & insured. We are also a 5 star rated contractor on Google and work all over Southern NJ! We have highly trained technicians and state of the art software to perform these Free Energy Audits for you.

In addition to collaborating with New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program (NJCEP), Professor Gatsby’s employs energy auditors certified by the Building Performance Institute, the most widely recognized energy auditor certification, accreditation, and quality assurance organization in the country. This ensures a thorough energy audit with energy assessment results and recommendations you can trust.

If you’re based in Williamstown, Sewell, West Berlin, Marlton, Voorhees, or a surrounding area and looking for an energy audit company or home energy audit, you’ve come to the right place!

What to Expect During an Energy Audit

The purpose of an energy audit is to identify wasted energy and safety issues. An auditor uses special tools, including:

  • Blower door to depressurize the home.
  • Infrared scanner to check for low insulation levels and air leaks while the home is depressurized.
  • Combustion analyzer to measure furnace efficiency.
  • Manometer to gauge pressure differences and pinpoint air leaks.

Wondering what goes into a home energy audit and how long an energy audit takes? Using these tools, the auditor conducts a series of inspections and tests, which may take up to two hours to complete. The auditor:

  • Analyzes your energy bills to determine your energy consumption.
  • Conducts an exterior inspection, looking for problems with the siding or eaves. Taking into consideration, the type of siding, roofing & window ratings.
  • Inspects the interior, checking what types of light bulbs, faucets, and shower heads you use along with your thermostat and water heater settings.
  • Checks the HVAC system for combustion efficiency and poorly sealed/insulated ductwork.
  • Conducts a blower door test to make air leaks and insulation gaps in the walls and ceilings easier to find.
  • Provides air sealing to make sure the home does not leak conditioned air outside. One important function of this is to create a divided barrier from the home conditioned air to the unconditioned air, such as your attic.

Benefits of an Energy Audit

Whether you suffer from HVAC performance issues, home comfort problems or high energy bills, an energy audit can help. Once every step of the inspection is complete, the energy auditor explains the results and identifies how you can make improvements. For example:

  • You can warm up the attic floor by adding insulation, which you didn’t know was needed until the infrared scanner revealed the heat loss there. We will provide you with the best suggested R-Value for your home.
  • Air sealing your attic with the Weatherization process to dramatically improve your home’s energy usage and comfort.

The key to making the right home improvements is to identify problem areas, which is what an energy audit is all about. When we make replacement recommendations, we do them in a way that solves comfort issues that homeowners have been experiencing for years. The auditor creates a comprehensive improvement plan, possibly including some of the suggestions here. The plan outlines:

  • How to prioritize the improvements your home needs.
  • The annual savings you can expect once you make the improvements.
  • A return on your investment calculation.

Schedule an Energy Audit with Professor Gatsby’s

An energy audit is an affordable way to prioritize improvements that will lower your utility bills and improve home comfort. You may be able to finance improvements up to $15,000 through the Home Performance with Energy Star program. Receive a seven-year, 0 percent interest loan up to  $15,000 with no prepayment penalties. We also have rebates that are available up to $5,000.

To schedule an energy audit, or to learn more about financing, please call 856-885-2231 or email [email protected]