In every single thing we do, we bring comfort home to you!

In every single thing we do, we bring comfort home to you!




How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Gas Furnace?

Your furnace becomes the most crucial component of your home when the weather turns frigid. You need a working heating system to keep your house warm during the winter. But if your old furnace fails and repairs are pricey or frequent, you might consider a new furnace. Don’t freak out. The right service company can help. We will discuss the typical costs of replacing a gas furnace to help you estimate your potential expenses. We’ll also show you a few indicators that you might need a new furnace, so read on.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Gas Furnace?

A gas furnace transforms energy into heat, which spreads throughout your house as warm air. Although there are many different fuel options for furnaces, gas furnaces are the most common option for households. Why? They provide warmth and comfort for homes without raising monthly energy expenses. Gas furnaces are also affordable to install and don’t require much upkeep.

The price to replace a gas furnace may vary greatly depending on the type of furnace you choose and how challenging the installation process is. Replacing your gas furnace with a new one can cost you between $2,000 and $7,000. However, some high-efficiency models can go as high as $12,000 today.

What factors affect the final price? Three key aspects go into calculating the cost of replacing your furnace.

Type of Gas Furnace

The cost of a gas furnace varies depending on its efficiency and features. Although they cost more upfront, more efficient furnaces can save you money on your gas bill. Even though it is more expensive than a single-stage model, a two-stage furnace may be more reliable and efficient in maintaining warm temperatures.

Furnace Parts

Your HVAC specialist will use compatible parts and supplies to install your new furnace inside your current heating system. Usually, your installation expenses will cover the cost of these materials.


Expect a qualified specialist to spend several hours working on your installation. For complicated or labor-intensive installations, these labor expenses could easily reach $1,500 or more.

Common Furnace Issues

Although old age is a significant contributing factor, there are other causes of furnace failure. The following are some of the primary reasons for furnace breakdowns:

  • Dirty filters
  • Age
  • Heat exchanger with cracks
  • Blower motor malfunction

It’s time to think about a replacement when a gas furnace is old enough to drive. The typical lifespan of a furnace is between 16 and 20 years. However, some homeowners choose to replace it sooner to increase their home’s efficiency. But for experts, modern furnaces are frequently more effective.

How to Find the Best Gas Furnace?

Fortunately, determining how much a new gas furnace will cost is simple. The type of furnace determines the cost of installation. It’s crucial to pick a furnace that fits the size of your house. If the gas furnace is too small, your home won’t be able to be heated efficiently. On the other hand, if it is too large, it will waste energy, causing a high electricity bill.

It all comes down to working with a reputable service provider to ensure the furnace is suitable for your home and needs. It will assure you that the work is worthwhile and give you peace of mind this chilly winter.

Choose Professor Gatsby Heating and Cooling, a provider of heating & cooling comfort in Southern New Jersey.

Replacement gas furnaces can cost anywhere between $2,000 and $7,000. Work with professionals with extensive installation expertise and strike the perfect balance between cost and efficiency. Contact Professor Gatsby Heating and Cooling for a furnace installation that satisfies your comfort needs.

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