In every single thing we do, we bring comfort home to you!

In every single thing we do, we bring comfort home to you!




How to Improve Air Conditioning Efficiency

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Your home’s cooling system will also perform efficiently if it is properly maintained. Air conditioning repairs and maintenance must be performed on a regular basis and handled by professional HVAC service providers. Proper maintenance will help prevent frequent A/C breakdowns and costly repairs since potential problems are identified before they become worst. However, there are certain maintenance tasks that can be done in DIY way. Some of these tasks do not require technical expertise or special tools, so DIY homeowners like you can easily complete the job like professionals. You can also learn various ways on how to improve air conditioning efficiency from HVAC experts like us at Prof Gatsby.

Improving Air Conditioning Efficiency like a Pro

An air conditioner that runs smoothly and efficiently does not only provide optimum comfort but also peace of mind for the property owner. You can also have a highly-efficient cooling system by following a well-thought-out maintenance program. It must include regular check-up of vital A/C components and accessories, which typically require cleaning, tune-up, and part replacement. These tasks are best performed by certified technicians since they are well-trained in this job. To get a reliable service, look for a local service provider with extensive experience in HVAC installation and maintenance. A licensed technician or company uses proven troubleshooting techniques, modern tools and equipment, and other methods to improve the efficiency of your air conditioning unit. Don’t worry if you are on a tight budget since you can also perform some of the abovementioned tasks without professional help. Improving your A/C’s efficiency like a pro is not impossible. In fact, you can enjoy a 100 percent functioning A/C by just following our recommended tips on how to improve air conditioning efficiency like a pro.

Our recommendations are summarized below. Most of these tips are low-cost, easy to follow, and proven effective. Please read carefully to understand each process and the specific steps that you should follow. Proper implementation is the key to achieving a highly energy-efficient cooling system in your home or business establishment.

  • Sealing ductwork leaks. The ductwork is one of the key areas that should be inspected when doing maintenance works. Did you know that a properly functioning ductwork still loses up to 5% energy? How about a leaking ductwork? Expect up to 50 energy loss if there are leaks in your A/C’s ductwork system. A thorough inspection will help you find leaks and identify sections that require immediate repair. Once identified, repair or replace the damaged components using only industry-recommended replacement materials and methods. For large homes with complex ductwork, you may need the help of a professional contractor.
  • Install smart thermostat. It is time to replace your manual thermostat with modern and more efficient air conditioning controls. A programmable thermostat will improve your A/C’s efficiency up to 15%. Newer versions promise higher efficiency rating since they have features that allow users to operate the cooling system via a remote control or the internet. Please take note that some top-of-the-line thermostats in the market today cost more than $250. You can easily recoup this cost because of the monthly savings you’ll get from your utility bills. Moreover, you have full control of your A/C’s operation because of your thermostat’s advanced monitoring and control functions. You can set the temperature of the A/C unit at certain times of the day or let it automatically adjust the setting based on your cooling needs.
  • Clean filter regularly. The filter is one of the most important components of your A/C system. It must be cleaned regularly to ensure the efficient functioning of the A/C unit. A dirty filter blocks indoor airflow, contributes to dirt build-up on walls, ceiling, and cooling coils, and contaminates the ductwork. It can also trigger asthma attacks and other respiratory diseases. Replace your filter every 6 months or more often if you have pets in your home.
  • Clean A/C drains. Water leaks from your air conditioning unit can be due to clogged drains. Inspect your A/C’s drain pipe for any blockage. Clean the drain with chlorine bleach and rinse it with 1 gallon of water.
  • Keep vents and condensers unblocked. Maintaining the steady inflow of air is another simple way on how to improve air conditioning efficiency at no cost. You can do this by keeping the vents free from any blockage. Remove toys, blinds, curtains and furniture items that can block indoor airflow. Clean the area where the condenser unit is installed. Make sure that there is no vegetation or debris that blocks the fan grill. Do this task once a month particularly during summer.
  • Protect the condenser unit. Adding a shade structure on your outdoor unit will also improve the efficiency of your air conditioning. The temperature around the unit will be lowered up to 6 degrees compared to those that do not have shades or protection. Make sure that the shades are used strategically to prevent airflow restriction. Bushes, plants and other barriers should be installed at least 24 inches away from the unit.

Enjoy Comfortable Indoors with Highly-efficient Air Conditioning Systems

You’ll surely have a worry-free summer by just following our tips on how to improve air conditioning efficiency like a pro. Enjoy a comfortable indoors, pay lower energy bills, and avoid frequent breakdowns with these simple but effective ways on improving your A/C’s efficiency. If you don’t have the time to perform these tasks, call a trusted local service provider like us at Professor Gatsby’s Heating and Cooling. We are one of the few HVAC companies in New Jersey with extensive experience in air conditioning installation and maintenance. At Professor Gatsby’s, clients are always guaranteed of highly-efficient air conditioning systems.

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