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Is your Air Conditioner leveled? Check outside and see…

Does you’re A/C unit look like the above picture? If the answer is yes, please read on!

If your outdoor Air Conditioning unit is not leveled, over time your unit starts to set into the ground. When this occurs, it causes your outdoor air conditioner to lean one way or the other which could result in less efficient operation and put more strain on your refrigerant lines that exit out of your home.

What that does is put more pressure on the refrigerant lines which could result in early refrigerant leaks… further resulting in more money out of your pocket!! For such a simple and easy fix don’t let this happen to you.

Please call Professor Gatsby’s Heating & Cooling to have a professional service technician assess your outdoor air conditioner just in time for the summer heat! You want to be assured that you’re not involved with any additional harm that could be happening to your unit that could be prevented.

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We are currently completing our $99 preventative maintenance plans just in time for 90 degree weather!

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6 Things You Should Know About Your Heating and Cooling System

Tip #1: Did you know that a lot of heating and cooling issues occur because your filter is too dirty? What happens is that the dirty filter starts to restrict airflow resulting in a tripped sensor or even worse, harming the system. Make sure you are keeping up with changing or replacing your filters and save spending money on a service call!!

Tip # 2: Are you the customer that turns your thermostat off when you’re not home and put it back on when you arrive home? In most cases, this will actually cost you more money!! When you turn your system “off” for too long then back “on” it has to play catch up resulting in a much longer run time.

Tip # 3: Why get your heater tuned up every year? There are so many components to heaters that it is super important to make sure they are clean and operating properly. Just because you have heat, doesn’t mean it is operating at its peak performance or operating properly. Don’t take a chance with your Heat! Let us replace your air filter, clean blower cabinet, flame sensor, and check amp draws, motor and components are good to go so there is less of a chance of failure. Did I mention this will increase the life expectancy as well!!

Tip#3: Why get a Preventative Maintenance on your A/C System? After sitting all winter turned off, your outside coil starts to collect dust. It is important to get your indoor and outdoor coils cleaned to relieve stress on the system. Let us check your Refrigerant levels, replace air filter, check amp draws, inspect components, clean contacts, tighten wiring connections and lubricate your motor for better life expectancy.

Tip#4: Not sure if you should replace your existing system? We have applications that break down approximate savings so you know what to expect from a new system to help guide you in the right direction.

Tip# 5: Have you ever had someone come out to your house and fix something, not explain to you what they did, then hand you a crazy bill and expect you will be okay with it? At Professor Gatsby’s our technicians are trained to walk you through step by step so you understand exactly what is going on. We always gain permission from our customers and honor our price before replacing a part. We will show you the failed component so you know it is actually faulty!!

Tip#6: Invest in a cover to put over your a/c, but also make sure the cover is installed properly. A lot of customers cover the system improperly resulting in trapped moisture inside the outdoor unit! This could potentially rust out your unit sooner and hurt the life expectancy of your system. Leave it to one of our technicians to do it for you!

Does your home feel TOO WARM in the summer months?

Do you ever feel like it’s just not cool enough in your home? Some of you may be experiencing this issue in your own home, especially now that summer is right around the corner. You may think it’s because your air conditioner is old or it’s just the way your house is built. And yes, this may be true. But in many cases if your house isn’t cool enough, it could be nothing more than being a little low on refrigerant.

Low refrigerant will affect the temperature of the air that comes out of your system. Eventually, this will cause longer run time for your A/C, which leads to higher utility bills and less comfort throughout the home. If you are experiencing this issue and you’re not sure what the cause is, don’t take the risk! Professor Gatsby’s Heating & Cooling has an $89 A/C Preventative Maintenance plan and we will check your refrigerant levels to assure your system is working at its peak performance.

You may even have the issue of low refrigerant and not even realize it! This still results in longer run time everyday during the summer season. Even if the air feels cold blowing out of your registers, it still may not be cold enough. Just 5 degrees can make a big difference. Let Professor Gatsby’s check before peak summer heat so you can have the peace of mind…and lower utility bills!

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Purchase a 1-Year Preventative Maintenance plan and receive 15% off any failed parts!

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Here’s a hidden tip on how to keep your air conditioner running at top performance!

Now that Spring is here and Summer is just around the corner, it’s time to make sure our air conditioners are performing at their best. Here in South Jersey many of us have lawns of grass that requires upkeep in the spring/summer months. Are you a customer who cuts your own grass, or even has a company come out and do this for you? Now you’re probably wondering, what does this have to do with my air conditioner? In fact, grass cutting can affect your air conditioning from running at its best capacity.

If you’re mowing your lawn near your air-conditioning system, it’s possible that loose grass can get sucked into your air conditioning coil without you noticing. This can cause a blanket of dirt and debris in your system. This blanket of dirt forms over the inside coil of your outdoor air conditioner which can cause your air-conditioner to operate with restricted airflow. Restricted airflow means less efficiency and greater strains on the system which will eventually result in less home comfort.

A simple fix for this is to turn your thermostat in the off position while doing any landscaping near your air conditioning system. You can also take a hose and spray down the outside of the air-conditioning system to get off any remaining dirt or debris on your system to keep it running great. At Professor Gatsby’s Heating and Cooling we will inspect and clean your coil if necessary on every preventative maintenance appointment. Get your preventative maintenance done before summer to catch any future problems before the high heat of the summer… this will only cause less service bills for you! Our Air Conditioner preventative maintenance is currently at a special rate of $89. Call us today to schedule your appointment!

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We also install Wi-Fi thermostats. Turn your A/C in the off position while mowing without having to track dirt and grass into your home!

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There may be hidden risks you face with your heating or AC system

Is your heater or air conditioner located in your attic? If the answer is yes, you could be at risk for causing damage to your home or system if you do not have the proper safety devices installed. If your drain for your Heating or Air Conditioning system backs up it could overflow and leak into your attic. Most home owners will not realize they have a problem with their system until they realized their ceiling is about to collapse from overflow of water from there system! Also, this may occur if your system becomes low on refrigerant, if you have a dirty air filter, or not having a drain pan underneath the unit.

Regardless of where your heater or air conditioner is installed, you may still be at risk for common problems if the proper devices are not in place. Possible issues that may occur are: Your drain can get clogged or you’re A/C coil could freeze up causing flooding damage. You can easily prevent this by installing condensate float safety switches or by having a drain pan underneath your system with a safety switch that will shut the system down if it detects water. These are very cheap and easy solutions that could save you from disaster.

Is your home protected? Don’t hesitate to call Professor Gatsby’s Heating and Cooling to have a qualified technician out to your home to assess your system to assure you that you are protected!

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We also offer $89 Preventative Maintenance contracts!

Not all Heating and Air conditioning system replacements are created equal!

If you’ve replaced your heater or air conditioner in the past couple of years, you’re system should be running smoother than ever…right? Well, not always. Have you been noticing some of the same problems you’ve had with your old system? Such as that one room in the house that is always uncomfortable! Or perhaps, the temperature fluctuates from upstairs to downstairs.

If you’ve recently replaced your heating or air conditioning system, but are still running into these problems, it could be faulty duct work placement and sizing. It is very important to make sure you get the correct size system installed in your home, but it is equally important that your existing duct work lay out in your home can handle this new system. Many homes throughout the country fall into the category of a properly installed unit, but unsuitable duct work. This will end up hurting the system over time. Having proper duct work installation will support the system properly and make your home more comfortable.

At Professor Gatsby’s Heating and Cooling, we can assess your duct work to assure your new Air conditioning system or Heating system is properly installed with the right support it needs!

Give us a call at:856-885-2231

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We also install Wi-Fi thermostats. Keep your home comfortable no matter where you are!

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Stay warm with these tips that can make a difference immediately!

Even though spring is right around the corner, the weather in March remains very chilly with temperatures in the 30’s and snow on the way again! With that being said, what have you been doing to keep your Heating system from running too long and too hard? Professor Gatsby’s Heating & Cooling has a few tips to help keep your Heating system from working against its self.

  1. Check your air filter again. It has been a long season and your heating system hasn’t taken a break yet. Chances are you will need to change your air filter to help your system from working even harder!
  2. Do you have blinds and curtains in your home? Utilize these to help keep your home the temperature it is supposed to be for a longer period of time! Keep your blinds down and shaded with your curtains covering the window.
  3. Are your doors leaky with cold air? Does your front or back door have old weather stripping? Adding new weather stripping to your doors could make a big difference from keeping the cold air from drafting into your home. It’s very cheap and easy to do!
  4. Make sure your air registers are not blocked with furniture. Your system has to work hard enough as it is! Keeping your registers open could really change the comfort of your home.

Call Professor Gatsby’s Heating & Cooling and we can come out to perform a Preventative Maintenance for your system for only $89. We will inspect your Heating needs and offer you professional advice and tips to keep your home comfortable through the rest of this chilly season. Call us for more information!


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We also install Wi-Fi thermostats. Keep your home comfortable no matter where you are!

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Temperature difference between rooms? Here are some reasons WHY:

One of the most common household problems when it comes to Heating and Cooling would be temperature regulation between all rooms. Many homeowners run into the issue where one room is hotter and/or colder than the rest of the rooms in the house. Temperature variation is also common between floor levels. But, why does this happen and how can I fix it?

  • System sizing or installation errors can make a huge difference on the variation of temperatures in your home. If your ducts were not properly installed in proportion to your home, you could be experiencing fluctuating temperatures. Have a service technician come out and check for you.
  • Blocked interior vents are another reason you may have fluctuating temperatures; but there’s also an easy solution! Furniture placement can at times block the airflow into a room and cause uneven distribution. Check to make sure no furniture is blocking any of your registers!
  • Dirty air filters are another main cause. Clean air filters allow the maximum airflow from your unit. When was the last time you had your filters cleaned or replaced? This is an easy job and can be performed by our service technicians.
  • Improper insulation of your home could also be a contributing factor. Inadequate insulation can cause draftiness and affect the regulation of your home. Insulation can even deteriorate over time. It’s important to have proper insulation to be the most comfortable in your home.

There are many other reasons your home can be experiencing uneven temperatures. If this is a problem you are experiencing, it is best to call a certified professional to help diagnose and fix the issue for you. Professor Gatsby’s Heating and Cooling is highly qualified in this area and would love to make sure your home is as comfortable as can be! If you are interested in this service please reach out and give us a call!


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We also offer $89 Preventative Maintenance plans!

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Are you waking up with a stuffy nose or sore throat? Your home could be suffering from dry indoor air and we have the solution for you!

In the winter months it’s necessary for you to turn up the heat and get warm and cozy to protect you from the bitter cold of the outdoors. While the benefits of heat far outweigh the negatives you could still run into one common problem; dry indoor air. Dry indoor air is really just low humidity levels in the home.

If you’re asking yourself if the humidity levels in your house are too low, some possible symptoms include: dry eyes, dry or itchy skin, increased static electricity, sore throat, nosebleeds, and/or the temperature of the air “feels” colder than the thermometer indicates. If you are experiencing this problem in your own home, it might be beneficial to look into some of the following options:

  • Make sure your heating system isn’t over sized for your home. If the heat capacity in your system is too great, it will over heat your home and dry out the air. A service technician can come out and evaluate whether or not your system’s size is appropriate.
  • If it is determined that your system size is appropriate, it might be a good option to have a whole house humidifier installed on your supply ductwork. A whole house humidifier sends humidity through the ducts which will blow through your registers throughout your home.
  • Another option is to have a 2 stage system or a Multi stage system installed. This kicks down the heat from the burners and reduces high temperatures. In turn you will be saving energy and keeping more moisture in the air.

If you are experiencing dry air it would be beneficial to have a HVAC technician inspect your home. Here at Professor Gatsby’s Heating and Cooling we can provide our customers with all of these services. We understand how important it is that your family feels comfortable year round. If you are interested in any of these services please reach out and give us a call!


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We also offer $89 Preventative Maintenance plans!

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Caution! Your “free” in-home estimate may not be free!

When you call a HVAC contractor out to your home to provide you with a “Free Estimate”, are you sure he/she is doing the right thing? Or will you be paying for it in the long run with problem after problem? The last thing you want is to find out your system was not properly installed.

Here are a few simple steps to assure you that you are getting the best value out of your appointment:

  • Check that the contractor is identifying how many return air registers and ducts you have in your home. Many homes do not have enough return air getting back to the system. This could cause your fan motor to burn out, higher amp utilities, and less comfort.
  • Verify that the contractor is doing a “Manual J Load calculation.” Don’t hesitate to ask them for this document. This is important because this determines what size equipment you should install in your home.
  • Ask them how they plan on modifying your duct work to fit your new system. The correct transition should be in place. You don’t want them just slapping a bunch of tape on the system.
  • Make sure they are pulling permits for this job. This will assure you that everything is up to code.

At Professor Gatsby’s Heating and Cooling we have a checklist for every customer to guarantee we are giving you the value you deserve. We spend the right amount of time addressing all of your needs. We don’t want to just remove and install the same system you have. We want to make sure we address all of the comfort concerns and assure proper operation to maximize life expectancy of the system and comfort in your home!

If you are interested in a new system, or have any other HVAC service needs please contact us at:

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Why choose an Energy Star Efficient unit?

In today’s world there is a question on the impact we are leaving on our environment. Now, more than ever we are aware of the responsibility we have to ensure our planet is clean and to reduce pollution. Saving energy through your home’s energy usage is a big way to contribute to the overall well-being of our planet. It can help reduce your electricity demand (as well as your electricity bill!) and decrease the amount of pollution other systems may be creating. The best way to do this is to have an Energy Star Efficient unit installed in your home.

You know your equipment or appliance is energy star efficient when you see this little blue label. The EPA’s Energy Star Program was created to put in use the best ways to save energy. Any product with that label underwent third party certification in order to give the customer the satisfaction of the quality, performance, and efficiency of their purchase. This program has helped save more than $362 billion on utility bills and reduced greenhouse gas emissions by more than 2.4 billion metric tons.

Here at Professor Gatsby’s Heating and Cooling we strive to supply our customers with the best and most efficient products. We want our customers to know that the work we do will not only benefit the customer, but the overall well-being of the planet. That is why it was so important for us to team up with a brand that offers equipment that is Energy Star Efficient approved. The brand we use is Amana. The Amana brand currently works with the Energy Star Program with many of our high efficiency systems in relation to furnaces, central air conditioners and air-sourced heat pumps.

If you are in the market for a new Heater or Air Conditioner, please look into our high-efficiency systems that are Energy Star approved. Our team at Professor Gatsby’s would be happy to go over all information regarding this EPA program as well as any other questions you may have about our systems. Please contact us at:

[email protected]

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Considering installing a WiFi thermostat? Here’s why you SHOULD!

We’re heading towards the coldest weather of the year and nothing is more important than keeping your home comfortable and cozy. However, high temperatures could equal high utility bills. Did you ever wish you could set your thermostat just a few degrees cooler while you’re not home to save some cash, and then come back home to a warm house at your preferred temperature? Installing a WiFi thermostat could help you do just that. Program your thermostat to 68 degrees while away at work, and come home to a comfortably warm house at 72 degrees, all while controlling through your smart phone or tablet! And that isn’t all a WiFi compatible thermostat can do. Certain models can even track which temperatures you like and auto schedule without you having to lift a finger! You could save 10% on your bill per year with a WiFi thermostat.

Do you own a second home that is far away from your first home? Let’s say, a house down the shore or a lake house in the Poconos? If so, the WiFi thermostat is the way to go. You can check on your home’s temperature directly on your smart phone or tablet to make sure you’re not overly heating or cooling an empty home. You may even program safety temperature alerts direct to you in case of dangerously low temperatures. This could save a water pipe from freezing and bursting. In case of any issues with your Heating or Cooling system, you will be easily alerted and able to get the issue fixed.

And, how about an added bonus? If you have your home set up with Amazon Echo, you can pair certain models of your WiFi thermostat to this device and allow “Alexa” to set your thermostat for you! The list of benefits for installing a WiFi thermostat goes on. Call Professor Gatsby’s Heating and Cooling for more information on WiFi thermostats and installation. You won’t regret it!


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Don’t buy or sell your house without reading this first!

Don’t buy or sell your house without reading this first!

Heat Certifications: Are you buying or selling your home? Do you have concerns about your heating or air conditioning system? A very popular concern for a buyer would be that the heating and air conditioning system has no issues and is running smoothly. Our company, Professor Gatsby’s Heating and Cooling, offers customers heating and air conditioning certifications to give our customers peace of mind to inform them of the condition of the system. In addition to performing a certification, this is a great way for you to learn more about the type, age and model of your system and how it operates.

There are many steps we take to ensure that your system is working properly such as:

  • Checking your heater for proper combustion
  • Inspecting Heat Exchanger for cracks, which can lead to Carbon Monoxide leaks
  • Ensuring that the Carbon Monoxide levels are proper
  • Inspecting your flu-draft to ensure that your unit is operating efficiently

These are just a few of the many important steps of a heating certification. Call us at Professor Gatsby’s Heating and Cooling for more information. Save yourself aggravation and have your system inspected today!

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We also install Wi-Fi Thermostats!

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Professor’s Tips – It’s that time of the year again!

It’s that time of the year again! Are you concerned that your Heater isn’t up to par for the winter? Have you had your PM done yet this season?

Don’t wait until it’s too late to get your Preventative Maintenance (PM) done! It is good practice to have your equipment serviced twice per year, spring and fall. Most people don’t realize that your HVAC system can run up 2600+ hours per year! Having maintenance done in advance can inform you of the condition of your system and prevent costly repairs, and most importantly, time spent without heat. In addition to this, having your system operating at peak performance will be save you money on your utility bills! Think of a PM as getting your oil changed on your car. In most cases, not doing it costs you significantly more in the long run.

Professor Gatsby does $89 flat PM’s on all gas furnaces! We also do oil PM’s as well

We want the opportunity to be your Heating and AC Service Company!

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[email protected]

Williamstown, Blackwood, Turnersville, Cherry Hill, Glassboro, Pitman, Washington Township, Sewell.

Professor’s Tips – Looking for a Free Estimate on your AC system?

Looking for a free estimate on an AC system replacement? Make sure the contractor that you get your quote from performs a load calculation! There are many measurements that the technician/salesmen need to gather to properly size your heating and air conditioning system. It is very common for us to find that the homes that we are replacing with new equipment have had systems that weren’t properly sized. Many homeowners and contractors think that replacing their system with one of the same is the proper thing to do. A 2.5 ton system today is not necessarily the same as a 2.5 ton system 10-15 years ago, not to mention, your previous contractor could have improperly sized your unit from the beginning!

It is Professor Gatsby’s standard to require our salesmen to perform this test. A load calc takes things likes windows, flooring, insulation, roofing and siding into consideration when performing the calculation.

Having your system properly sized can:

  • Ensure longer life expectancy
  • Provide better comfort
  • Cut down on service calls and time without Heat or AC!
  • Maximize efficiency and minimize utility costs!

For service, or a free estimate, Call us at 856-885-2231 or email at [email protected]

Sewell, Williamstown , Washington Township , Cherry Hill , Marlton , Pitman , Clayton , Turnersville, South Jersey.

Professor’s Tips – Surge Protecting your AC unit!

Does your outside AC unit have one of these?! What you’re looking at, in this pic, is a surge protector! Inside your home, you have or should have these behind every major electrical device such as PC’s and TV’s. Your AC unit has a control board in it and during a power surge; it’s possible for your unit to be harmed by the sudden spike in power. Spending a few hundred dollars to save equipment worth thousands is definitely cost efficient! One of our responsibilities as your HVAC contractor is to keep you informed. You will want a professional to install this since it is tied into high voltage wire and will also need to have the warranty registered in case there is a catastrophic event.


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Servicing Southern NJ, Williamstown , Washington Township , Sewell , Blackwood , Glassboro , Cherry Hill , Marlton.

Professor’s Tips – Lowering Summer Electric Bills

Are you dreading the peak of summer because you’re terrified of your utility bills? Did you know that the majority of your electric bill in the summer is directly related to your air conditioning system? If your system is older, than it is generally very inefficient. Have you had a tune up recently? If your system is older and hasn’t been tuned up recently, odds are it is running even longer and working harder causing your electric bills to sky rocket!

Go outside and watch your electric meter once your AC kicks on. Normally your meter spins somewhat lazily, but when the AC is on, it spins much faster, which of course means more $$$$.

Most of the time, a simple Preventative Maintenance (tune-up) will lower your bills, and gives you the peace of mind that your equipment is running properly.

Things you can do to help lower your bills

  1. Keeping blinds closed. Sunlight allows heat to come through windows, causing more heat load.
  2. Running your ceiling fan the correct way. Did you know that you’re supposed to run your ceiling fan counterclockwise in the summer? Here’s a quick test.
    1. Stand under fan, turn on high. You should feel a breeze.
    2. If you don’t, turn off the fan and adjust fan to have blades spin in opposite direction.
  3. Raise your thermostat. Raising the temp by just a degree will positively impact your electric bill.
  4. Installing a programmable thermostat to have the system maintain the temps at the right times.

Give us a jingle and we will schedule you for a PM service to keep you running cool, all summer long.


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Professor’s Tips – My two story home always feels uncomfortable in the summer!

Do you have that two-story home that never gets comfortable upstairs or in the bedrooms? Professor Gatsby’s has solutions for this common situation! In addition to the possible solutions below, feel free to reach out to us so we can get you a better diagnosis of your system.

Option 1: If your system is older and you are considering a new one

  • Make sure you ask your contractor to install a variable speed motor.
    • Not only is it more efficient, but these types of motors help push more air, further.
    • Make sure your contractor Is using the proper tools to determine which size system to install (this is an extremely common mistake we find)
    • Ask about the warranty on the equipment. (Amana’s warranty is lifetime heat exchanger and compressor parts replacement!)

Option 2: Having your attic air sealed

Wherever a wall meets a ceiling on the second floor, there is air leakage that goes down the wall causing more heat that your air conditioner is trying to transfer. It is important to create a barrier between your living space and the attic to keep you comfortable and efficient. After air ceiling these gaps, add insulation. Insulation is one of the best ways to make your home more efficient. Insulation levels are measured using an “R” value, where the higher the R value, the more efficient the home.

  • Homes that were built in the 1970s typically had an R value of 11 or under, whereas homes built today have R values as high as 38!

Option 3: Add some return ductwork

Many times we find that homes were built with inadequate return ducts. By increasing the return, the system is able to pull more hot air from your home. We may be able to add additional returns in a bedroom(s) to help make it more comfortable for you.

At Professor Gatsby’s, we have the knowledge and tools to provide you with the correct solution for your home!

Call us to see if you qualify for the NJ’s BPI Program. We can perform an energy audit on your home


[email protected]

Amana Warranty

“Additionally, our most efficient furnace units offer a Lifetime Limited Warranty* protection on the heat exchanger to the original, registered*, single-family homeowner of a properly matched system. If the original owner should have a compressor failure or heat exchanger, we will replace the air failed unit with a comparable Amana brand product at no cost.”

Professor’s Tips – Things to know about your new AC system

Professor’s Tip of the week!

Did you know that if you had your Heating and Air system replaced during the winter time, the refrigerant levels need to be rechecked? The contractor should come back in the spring and check the refrigerant levels.

Most customers and even some contractors don’t know that most manufacturers’ state that in order to check the refrigerant levels properly, the outside temp needs to be between 65 and 75 degrees.

Why does this matter to you?

Effects of Lower Refrigerant levels:

  • Too little refrigerant can actually drop the temp in the cooling coil, causing frost buildup
  • Loss of cooling ability because of the decreased heat exchange between indoor & outdoor units
  • Inefficient operation, causing higher utility bills $$$$$$
  • Strain on compressor in outdoor unit. It works harder, can cause issues like tripped circuit breaker
  • There are side effects of both having too little and too much. Either of the two can lead to an inefficient system and decreased system life expectancy.
  • We believe in providing value through education to our customers. After all, the more you know, the better decision you will make on your investment.
  • Call Professor Gatsby’s to check out your system.
  • 856-885-2231
  • [email protected]

Serving South Jersey

  • Washington Township, Sewell, Turnersville, Williamstown, Clayton , Glassboro , Marlton , Cherry Hill.


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Professor’s Tips – Checking your AC System’s Temp Differential

Professor’s Tips

If you’re like us, you get curious about how things work. After all, your HVAC system is very complex and does provide most of the comfort in your home. The following is a test that you can do at home to help see if your system is working efficiently.

  1. Turn on your AC , run for a minimum of 10 minutes
  2. Take a standard thermometer and hold it up to one of your supply registers that’s blowing cold air
  3. Take the reading
  4. Now that you have your reading, check the temp on your thermostat

Generally, you want to see a 20 degree temp difference. Ex. Thermostat says 70 deg, Register says 50 degrees.

If you notice a difference of 15 degrees or under, your unit may not be running efficiently, causing higher utility bills, strain on your system and discomfort inside your home.

And remember, the Professor would love to service your equipment as well!


[email protected]m

Is your AC Drain Clogged?!

Is your AC drain clogged?

This is the clear tube known as a condensate line. When your AC is running, it is pulling the moisture out of the air in your home. This moisture accumulates in your coil cabinet and drains into the condensation pump.

The pump turns on and pumps the water outside. The issue occurs when this drain line gets clogged!

We can’t tell you how many service calls we get for this issue! When this line gets blocked, the water can’t escape properly and it can cause issues like:

  • Hundreds or even thousands in water damage to ceilings, carpets, drywall
  • Starting a house fire if water leaks onto electrical components
  • Increased humidity, musty odors, and algae

Avoiding these calls

  • Getting Preventative Maintenance Services (PM’s) once per year at the minimum
    • Our PM service includes checking & cleaning this line
  • Having a float switch installed to have system shut off when there is a clog (see below)
    • We install these in every single install we do!
  • Cleaning the drain yourself
    • We don’t recommend this because the cost for us to do this in a PM Service is so low, it isn’t worth you possibly doing this incorrectly.

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“It’s that time of the year to add “Freon”.”

Are you that customer that has to keep getting your “Freon” filled up each year so you’re “good” for the summer?

Did you know that when this happens, it means you have a refrigerant leak in your system and it is leaking Dangerous Chemicals into the ozone layer causing Ozone Depletion?!! If you’re an environmentalist then this should concern you! At Professor Gatsby’s Heating & Cooling, we have top technology to help pin point the leak. Check out some of the reasons this should be addressed, listed below:

  • First, when you have a leak, the system will not run at its best efficiency causing you to not only have to pay for refrigerant, but also pay more for electricity!!
  • Second, this also hurts the life expectancy of your system, now that it’s running with a leak, it’s causing the system to run a lot longer causing more wear and tear but also could be damaging your system!!
  • Last but not least, if you have a leak, it’s only going to get worse over time and before you know it , it may die out in the middle of peak season and leave you without Air Conditioning causing you to either have to get an Air Conditioning service call or even worse an Air Conditioning replacement which may have been avoided if you were proactive!!!
  • Our Technicians our EPA Certified to handle and recover refrigerant properly

We hope that you find this info informative and would love an opportunity to serve you!

Your home is important to us!

We understand how important our customer’s value their homes, we do the same for our own. One of the details that separates us from our competition is our respect for your home.

Notice our technician in this pic, laying down a drop cloth to protect the floor, as well as wearing shoe covers. From the time the technician knocks on your door, to the time they are leaving, you will feel comfortable knowing your home is being taken care of. These are the little details..This is the “Professor Gatsby” difference.

At Professor Gatsby’s, we don’t compete with other companies. We are our own competition. Setting the standard for top notch service, and improving upon our own standards of excellence.

Please give us a chance to earn your business!

Check out our latest install!

We take pride in our work and wanted to share one of our installs from this week with you! We removed this poorly functioning equipment and exchanged with an economical Amana Furnace and 3.5 ton condenser. Lifetime Unit Replacement, 10 year parts warranty.

We believe the “details” are important, note the “P” trap that we install to keep your system flowing properly

We would love an opportunity to work for you!


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“When should I change my heater’s filter?”

Did you know that a lot of heating and cooling issues occur because your filter is too dirty? What happens is that the dirty filter starts to restrict airflow resulting in a tripped sensor or even worse, harming the system. Make sure you are keeping up with changing or replacing your filters and save spending money on a service call!!

We recommend that the filter be changed at the maximum, every 90 days. (depending on environment and MERV rating of filter) This is an easy way to prevent costly repairs to your furnace.

January Savings!

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