In every single thing we do, we bring comfort home to you!

In every single thing we do, we bring comfort home to you!




Why you should maintain your Heating & Cooling system

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When’s the last time you had your unit serviced? We ask this question when a new customer calls in. Most of the time the answer is, “I can’t remember when or the last time the unit broke down, we had it fixed.”

Like cars and other major types of equipment, your Heating & Cooling system needs to be maintained regularly. You’re heating and cooling system is one of the most sophisticated and most expensive systems in your home so you will want to service and make sure your equipment is in factory condition. For heating and cooling equipment, we recommend once before cooling and once before heating seasons. The ultimate goal of maintaining equipment is to prevent breakdowns during freezing temps or extreme heat situations.

Some common misconceptions customers have:

“But I have a warranty, I don’t need a maintenance yet”

A: We get this a lot. Warranties are very important. The HVAC maintenance plans are designed to keep equipment in as close to factory condition as possible so that your warranty is intact. A common example of this is with your car, you need oil changes even though your car is under warranty. If you don’t maintain your system, the warranty manufacturer may have an issue with a claim. The maintenance plan gives you the peace of mind.

“I don’t want an additional payment”

A: We understand that it may seem like you are paying more for your system, but studies have proven that maintaining your equipment over its life leads to lower costs of ownership. HVAC contractors cannot performance maintenance profitably. We do it so we can keep homeowners cost of ownerships lower and maintain a rapport with our customers.

“I can do the maintenance myself”

A: Many homeowners are very skilled and could possibly do this type of maintenance, but performing maintenance on this complex equipment requires the use of very expensive tools to inspect proper operation. The most valuable resource is the experienced technician that has years of experience identifying issues that someone less qualified wouldn’t have learned yet. Money isn’t actually being saved by doing it yourself.

“I’m going to sell my home soon”

A: When selling a house, potential buyers want to see that the equipment has been maintained by a professional with records. We get calls daily to “certify” a system for a selling party. The unit must be 100% safe and working properly for us to certify the condition. Think about it, if you were buying a home, wouldn’t you want to verify the condition of one of the homes most expensive systems before you bought?

“My system is running “fine” now, why do I need maintenance?”

A: Only a qualified technician could actually verify that the system is operating properly. The system could be running longer than it needs to or you could be minutes or days from your preventable breakdown, saving you hundreds/thousands on an expensive HVAC repair.

What do I get with your maintenance plan?

  • One Complete maintenance before summer and winter seasons
  • 15% discount on any part replacement
  • No additional emergency charges for breakdowns during after hours
  • 5% discount on new system replacement

Most of our Smart Plan members decide to pay just $26.86 monthly to protect themselves and give them the peace of mind of having us reach out to them to schedule their maintenances. You can also pay annually or quarterly as well.

Read more about our Maintenance Plans

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